About the artist Clare Kent

Clare (Born 1971) lives in the Kent countryside with her two girls and her dog. She has a BA in Printed textiles and an MA in Fine art-painting. After a few years of selling her textile designs around the world.  Clare went back to art school to study her true passion, painting. She received ‘The Villiers David award’ for outstanding achievement. After art school she continued to paint, showing her work in solo and group exhibitions. 

In 2008 she had her first child, Holly. In 2017 she began painting again. And hasn’t looked back. Taking inspiration from the beautiful ever changing countryside around her she takes a lot of photos on her walks and finds a way of bringing what she sees into
her artwork.

It is important to show the beauty in nature in its rawest state in a forgotten hidden  forest. The worlds plastic is suffocating our planet a little bit more each day. In our woodlands, in our seas, on our beaches and even in the fish we eat. We should look to nature to learn how to live in balance with it and ourselves. Everything humanity does as a whole is too much. The balance has been tipped and unless it is dealt with soon the destruction will be devastating. Our woodlands are ancient wonders of our world. They sustain the lives of animals, insects, plants and trees. The natural wonders of this planet. Without these the world would be unbalanced. These things are what make our world special, how we connect to the bigger picture. For our souls to be at peace.


M.A. Fine Art Painting. City and Guilds of London Art School. 2000-2002. Villiers David award for outstanding achievement.

B.A. Hons Printed Textile Design. 2:1 Distinction for dissertation. Liverpool John Moores University. 1991-1994.

E.R.R.A.C. Fine Art Textile Design. Distinction. Southend College of Technology. 1990-1991.

Foundation Course. Central St. Martins School of Art. 1989-1990.


Textile designs sold New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Germany. 1994-2002.

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