About the artist Clare Kent

The sun, the moon and the stars. The Sun is always the brightest thing there is. The Sun connects us all as one. As we are all looking at the same Sun. The only, the one sun. The Sun is the giver of life, it controls our planet. It can effect our mood. The sun is wonderful to bask in but it can be so bright we have to shield our eyes to see the view beneath it.


Currently I am thinking about how to give the feeling of the sun in a painting.

When it’s annoyingly in the way so you can’t see what you are looking at, it can be so overpowering in its light and heat. Yet if we surrender ourselves to it it can be the most heavenly experience. Heat and light, that which humanity seeks out.


Living in England the weather is a serious subject. Most of us are looking out for warmth and sunlight as we don’t always get much of it. Our best photos are the ones where the sun is shining when we reminisce in the of the brightness of colours as the sun illuminates them. It brings out the happiness in people as it twinkles through the trees, glistens on water, enhances all the beautiful colours of nature whatever the season. It also creates streams of light and reflections in our homes when it’s cold and dark most of the time. That glimmer of light might just make us smile for a moment. Bathing in the fullness of the sun is what millions of us pay for every year. To go on holiday, to spend time in the sun. We love the sunshine.

The other side to this though are the shadows. Out of the shadows we see the light. The dappled  light through a tree on a wall. Our shadow on the ground when we stand in the sun. Light does not exist in a vacuum. Where there is light there is shadow. The shadow helps us to notice the light and see the brilliance of it.


This all reflects humanity to me. When I had depression in my early 30’s I felt like there was a physical black cloud in front of my forehead. It was like a cloud of soot that hovered there for a couple of years. I don’t know if it was an energy or my imagination but it felt so real. I couldn’t see the light properly. So now when that hot heat and the brightness of the light land on my face I embrace it with joy and with a sense of peace and relief in my heart.

It is important to show the beauty in nature in its rawest state in a forgotten hidden  forest. The worlds plastic is suffocating our planet a little bit more each day. In our woodlands, in our seas, on our beaches and even in the fish we eat. We should look to nature to learn how to live in balance with it and ourselves. Everything humanity does as a whole is too much. The balance has been tipped and unless it is dealt with soon the destruction will be devastating. Our woodlands are ancient wonders of our world. They sustain the lives of animals, insects, plants and trees. The natural wonders of this planet. Without these the world would be unbalanced. These things are what make our world special, how we connect to the bigger picture. For our souls to be at peace.


M.A. Fine Art Painting. City and Guilds of London Art School. 2000-2002. Villiers David award for outstanding achievement.

B.A. Hons Printed Textile Design. 2:1 Distinction for dissertation. Liverpool John Moores University. 1991-1994.

E.R.R.A.C. Fine Art Textile Design. Distinction. Southend College of Technology. 1990-1991.

Foundation Course. Central St. Martins School of Art. 1989-1990.


Textile designs sold New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Germany. 1994-2002.

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