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Clare Kent

Playing with stretching the parameters of universal time. The stars are always there in the space beyond planet earth, we just can’t see them when the sun is out. The sun is always shining in our daylight hours but it may be hiding behind the clouds.  The moon is always there, it may be below the horizon or we may not notice it, its subtle daytime white not strong enough to compete with the strong rays of sunlight. All these things are ever present in our universe.


Human beings have created light, challenging our perceptions of night time and daytime. Looking at the universe our planet is just a dot in infinity. The bigger picture exists way beyond our limited understanding and time frames.


Humanity looks for the light in the dark. Not only does it means we can extend work and play hours it can be essential for our well-being. Light can not only light our way, it can make us feel safe and warm in the darkness with a fire. The sun can intensify happiness and warm our hearts and stave off depression. Light is essential. In all it’s differing forms people like, want and need light.

I am looking at the juxtapose of natures light and humanity’s light. How they work together or oppose each other depending on the circumstance or happenstance. Overlaying time frames to encompass as much light as possible in the dark.

The light would not be so beautiful without the dark. The paintings show night and day, dusk or dawn simultaneously, binding everything together to create their own time lines and zones but with the idea that they could be real. Questioning the limits of our memory and/or perception.


Always look for the light in the dark. The persistent human condition requires this of us. This idea of finding the light in the dark can represent strength in a struggle, hope amidst despair and a glint of joy in sadness. The shadow and light working together. Looking for the truth, beauty and light in everything.

It is important to show the beauty in nature in its rawest state in a forgotten hidden  forest. The worlds plastic is suffocating our planet a little bit more each day. In our woodlands, in our seas, on our beaches and even in the fish we eat. We should look to nature to learn how to live in balance with it and ourselves. Everything humanity does as a whole is too much. The balance has been tipped and unless it is dealt with soon the destruction will be devastating. Our woodlands are ancient wonders of our world. They sustain the lives of animals, insects, plants and trees. The natural wonders of this planet. Without these the world would be unbalanced. These things are what make our world special, how we connect to the bigger picture. For our souls to be at peace.


M.A. Fine Art Painting. City and Guilds of London Art School. 2000-2002. Villiers David award for outstanding achievement.

B.A. Hons Printed Textile Design. 2:1 Distinction for dissertation. Liverpool John Moores University. 1991-1994.

E.R.R.A.C. Fine Art Textile Design. Distinction. Southend College of Technology. 1990-1991.

Foundation Course. Central St. Martins School of Art. 1989-1990.


Textile designs sold New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Germany. 1994-2002.

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